About the Author

USA Today Bestselling author Myra Danvers is best known for her compelling mix of unique science fiction and dark fantasy worlds that feature feisty heroines, antihero men, and of course... proper villains.

Though you may not always know who is who until the final pages…

  • Louise H

    I am putting Myra Danvers up there with all the greats of the sci-fi/fantasy world—Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, David Eddings, Julian May, Marion Zimmer Bradley—because, goddamn, this woman can write.

  • Fatima

    Delirium is a masterpiece and Danvers is truly a goddess from another universe.

    I don't think I can give Danvers her due justice by describing how WITTY and FUNNY and HILARIOUS she is.

  • DMCechak

    Welcome to the world(s) found in the irrevocable mind of Myra Danvers.

    I mean, this is really, really good, Sugar Bugs! So you should buy it and read it and tell everyone you know about the author who is bonkers and brazen and beautiful!!!